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Family Medicine

Integrated and absolute care for you and your family

Experience compassionate, dedicated, and patient-centric services that will ensure you and your family stay at the top of your health.

Our family physician will help you in managing chronic medical conditions, minor procedures, vaccinations, first aid, acute illnesses, health screenings, medical examinations/check-ups, and much more to ensure you remain the healthiest version of yourself.

Health Screening

First step to recognise the unrecognised conditions

Health screenings provide a better view and understanding of your health needs and if there is any alarming situation that needs immediate attention.

From diabetes to cholesterol to blood pressure to vitamins levels, everything is tested and evaluated during health screening.

From Basic to Prime Executive, our clinic offers various screening packages catered to your needs.

For a start, our Basic package includes:

‣  Blood Glucose Profile
‣  Full Cholesterol (Lipid) Profile
‣  Height & Weight Measurement

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Health Optimisation

Following up from your health screening

At 1doc, we focus on these 3 care pillars (Medical, Fitness, & Nutrition), emphasizing on a holistic approach for a HEALTHIER YOU. Read on to find a testimony from a participant of our health optimisation program, HEAL (Healthy Eating, Active Living) with HOPE (Health Optimisation Program Experience). HEAL with HOPE is built on the concept that beyond the Medical aspect of care, Fitness & Nutrition are just as important.

For participants of HEAL with HOPE, a team that consists of professionals in these 3 aspects work together to develop a personalized health plan for the patient.

Please note that results may vary according to your health condition. Discuss with an existing health care provider before embarking on this program.


Book COVID-19 tests at our clinics

‣  Pre-departure polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Swab Test
‣  Serology (IgM / N Protein) Test (Blood Sample)
‣  Pre-departure PCR Swab Test & COVID-19 Serology (IgM) Test (taken together on the same day)

Corporate Wellness

Bring Wellness To Your Workplace

Get special rates if you sign up for our Corporate Health Screening packages & enrol eligible staff in our Health Optimization Program to stay on top of your employee’s health needs!

We offer:

‣  Executive Health Screening
‣  Corporate Health Screening
‣  Complimentary Wellness Talks
‣  HPB Workplace Outreach Wellness Programme

*In the contact form, please select “Corporate Enquiries” under the “Category” field in the dropdown menu. Our representative will get back to you shortly!

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Operating Hours (1doc Medical)

Monday to Saturday: 8:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday & Public Holiday: 8:00am to 1:00pm


Alight at Bedok MRT and walk 5 minutes to [email protected]

By Bus:
Alight at Bus Stop ID: 84651 (Aft Heartbeat @ Bedok)
Buses Available: 14, 18, 69, 155, 168, 222, 225G, 228

Alight at Bus Stop ID: 84351 (Bedok Ctrl PO)
Buses Available: 14, 69, 137, 137A, 155, 168, 222, 228

Alight at Bus Stop ID: 84031 (Bedok Stn Exit B)
Buses Available: 2, 2A, 9, 9A, 24, 25, 28, 31, 35, 35M, 67, 137, 137A, 222

Walk 2-3 minutes to [email protected]

By Taxi:
Alight at [email protected] drop-off point and turn left to arrive at our unit.

Our unit is located at Level 1, right next to Watsons.

11 Bedok North Street 1
#01-11/12 [email protected]
Singapore 469662

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