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1doc strives to empower all kinds of individuals — whether you’re a patient, healthcare / wellness provider, or businessperson — to live life more abundantly by using our integrated healthcare e-payments platform, enabled by our technology.

For Individuals

1doc Integrated Healthcare App: Access employee benefits; Scan & pay at participating clinics; See a doctor online; Shop for health & wellness products in our marketplace.

  • Get instant access to your health benefits

    Receive FREE *$100 1doc Rewards just by signing up, & earn 1doc Rewards for every purchase.

    PLUS: If your company is on board our Employee Benefits solution, use your Corporate $ to Scan & Pay at all our participating clinics islandwide!

  • Get access to exclusive marketplace products and services

    Join certain wellness programmes for FREE, and get access to a wide range of health products and services — including Health Screenings and technology-enabled medical devices.

  • Earn and Pay with 1doc Rewards

    Taking good care of your health does pay off! Accumulate 1doc Rewards for every transaction you make, and use it to offset from your next purchase or consultation.

….and many more!

For Businesses

1doc Corporate Panel for Employers: Give your employees personalised healthcare benefits that’s optimised, easy to implement and at zero cost to you.

  • Automate health claims

    Payments are automatically deducted from employees’ Corporate Dollars* and transferred to pre-eligible providers. No more reconciling claims and making multiple reimbursements to each employee!

    *Corporate Dollars refer to health benefits allocated by employer (e.g. $300 flexibenefits)

  • Smarter benefits utilisation

    Receive insights to further understand who and what is utilising your healthcare budget, for future cost analysis and benefits allocation.

  • Complimentary Health Screenings^ with HeartVoice’s technology-enabled Corporate Health Management Program

    Employees are entitled to Complimentary Health Screenings^ under HeartVoice, a member of iAPPS Health Group

    ^Complimentary Health Screenings are limited to the Basic Health Screening Package. Other packages are subject to additional charges.