1doc Associate Agreement



As used throughout these terms and conditions, “1doc” refers to 1doc Medical Centre (Changi) Pte Ltd, 1doc Medical Centre (Bedok) Pte Ltd and IAPPS Health Group Pte Ltd, “ASSOCIATE” refers to an affiliate of 1doc, and “AGREEMENT” refers to the 1doc Associate Agreement, and any other document incorporated by reference in the aforesaid. These documents, in their current form, may be amended by 1doc at its sole discretion, constitute the entire contract between 1doc and the ASSOCIATE. No other representation, promise, or AGREEMENT, shall be binding on the parties unless in writing and signed by an authorized officer of 1doc.




  1. This AGREEMENT commences once you have indicated your acceptance and processed your payment.
  2. You cannot transfer this AGREEMENT to anyone else.
  3. The AGREEMENT will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.



To become an ASSOCIATE, an applicant must be a 1doc Ambassador Membership Card holder.




  1. I will be honest and fair in my dealing as an ASSOCIATE.
  2. I will conduct myself in a manner that will enhance my reputation and the positive reputation established 1doc.
  3. I will be courteous and respectful of every person I contact in the course of my independent activities.
  4. I will fulfill my leadership responsibilities as a sponsor including training, supporting and communicating with the MEMBER and ASSOCIATES in my organization.
  5. I will not misrepresent 1doc products and services.
  6. I will not engage in deceptive or illegal practices.
  7. I understand and agree that I am solely responsible for all financial and/or legal obligations I incur in the course of my business as an ASSOCIATE.





An ASSOCIATE will not be treated as an employee for tax purposes. All ASSOCIATES are independent contractors. ASSOCIATES are not considered purchasers of a franchise, nor does the AGREEMENT between 1doc and its ASSOCIATES create an employee/employer relationship, agency, partnership or joint venture. Each ASSOCIATE shall hold 1doc harmless from any claims, damages or liabilities arising out of such ASSOCIATE’s business practices.  ASSOCIATES have no authority to bind 1doc to any obligation. 




Each ASSOCIATE agrees not to compete with the protectable business interests of 1doc by selling or promoting other competitive products or opportunities during the term of the AGREEMENT.  ASSOCIATE acknowledges and recognizes these restrictions are necessary for 1doc to protect its valuable interests and agrees that any injunction and/or other remedy is necessary and appropriate for 1doc to protect such interests.




The term of the AGREEMENT is one (1) year from the date of its acceptance by 1doc. The validity of one (1) year is tied to the Ambassador Membership Card validity. ASSOCIATES must renew their AGREEMENT each year by paying their annual Membership Subscription Fee. Renewal may commence three (3) months before the expiry date. If renewal is not made by the expiry date of the current term of the AGREEMENT, the AGREEMENT will be terminated. The membership will revert to that of an Ordinary Member.




An ASSOCIATE may be terminated for violating any of the terms of the AGREEMENT.  Notice of the termination, citing the reason(s) for the action shall be provided in writing to the ASSOCIATE and delivered either through postal or email. 


Immediately upon termination, the ASSOCIATE:

  1. Must cease representing himself or herself as an ASSOCIATE of 1doc;
  2. Loses all rights and position in the chronology and to all future commissions and earnings resulting there from.

1doc has the right to offset any amounts owed by an ASSOCIATE to 1doc. 



Each and every ASSOCIATE agrees to indemnify and hold harmless 1doc, its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents and successors in interest from and against any claim, demand, liability, loss, cost or expense including, but not limited to, court costs and attorneys’ fees, asserted against or suffered or incurred by any of them, directly or indirectly, arising out of or in any way related to or connected with allegedly or otherwise, the ASSOCIATE’s (a) activities as an ASSOCIATE; (b) breach of the terms of the AGREEMENT.




  • Earn up to $8 for every friend you refer, credited into your 1doc Associate Wallet 
  • Earn up to 40% commission on products and services purchased by your referrals, credited into your 1doc Associate Wallet
  • Earn up to 40% commission on in-clinic transactions by your referrals, credited into your 1doc Associate Wallet



Individual Goal ($10) -> Goes into 1doc rewards wallet

  • Individual Rebates for online product/services goes into 1doc rewards.
  • Individual Rebates for in clinic payment [3% of total bill payment] goes into 1doc rewards.

Group Goal ($20) -> Goes into 1doc associate wallet

If both indiv+ group KPI reaches:

For Products & Services

  • Level 1 – 40% of PV-> goes into Associate earnings
  • Level 2 – 20% of PV-> goes into Associate earnings

*Then the total Associate earnings to calculate at the end of the month.

For Scan & Pay (in clinic transactions)

  • 40% * (3% of billed amount) += Group pv-> goes into Associate wallet
  • 20% * (3% of billed amount) += Group pv -> goes into Associate wallet




Payment of commission shall be made by 1doc.




A value assigned to a 1doc product or service. PV is used to calculate

discounts to MEMBERS and commission payable to ASSOCIATES. One (1) PV has a value of One (1) Singapore Dollar.




The chronology of where MEMBERS are placed under the ASSOCIATE.




ASSOCIATES are paid based on the PV values of all products and services purchased by MEMBERS under his/her chronology.

Level 1

  • Referral payout = $4 (for each member that signs up)-> goes into Associate wallet
  • Purchase payout = $4 (for each member that make monetary purchases)-> goes into Associate wallet

Level 2

  • Referral payout = $1 (for each member’s friend that signs up)-> goes into Associate wallet
  • Purchase payout = $1 (for each member’s friend that make monetary purchases)-> goes into Associate wallet












The user will earn a Matching Bonus of 10% on the earnings of the Level 1 / Level 2 Associate(s). When the user’s Level 1 or Level 2 member(s) becomes an Associate, and the user will not be able to earn from the chronology of the Associate(s).




If one of the user’s downline from Level 1 or 2 is inactive, dynamic compression will happen. The member who is inactive will be removed from the chronology in the commission month, and the inactive member’s Level 1 downline will become part of the user’s chronology.